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Client: Doksan Beş Hukuk Bürosu

Task: branding, web design, creative planning

Date: April 2020

Established by two ambitious and dynamic young women lawyers, Doksan Beş Law Firm provides services to its clients in many areas, particularly in the protection of personal data and criminal law.

One of our biggest challenges was creating the visual language for the articles they wrote to guide their clients.

Therefore, with the help of the two young attorneys’ interest in art history, we created a visual language consisting of paintings mostly influenced by impressionism, baroque and realist movements.


Common Divorce Reasons

Le Mariage Rompu – Etienne Aubry
(Versailles 1745-1781)

Tax/Penalty Notices, Payment Orders and Taxpayer Rights

The Tax Collector – Jacob van Toorenvliet
(Leiden circa 1635 – 1719)

Processing of Health Data in Accordance with GDPR

The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp – Rembrandt

Exiting and Termination of Partnership in Limited Liability Companies

La Rixe (The Brawl) – Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier
(1815 – 1891)

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